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Saturday, November 26, 2005

I trust that each of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

It is also my sincere desire that you took even a few minutes to recall the intent of the day and for the abundant blessings for which you could give thanks. I think if most of us gave even a half-hearted effort to count all of our blessings, we would be enumerating them even still!

None of our regular readers were among those trampled at the Wal-Mart in Oregon, but what a tragic indictment of our society! I have to wonder if news footage of that event won’t be used for more Al-Qaida training videos to show how decadent and twisted American society is? I have to applaud that hearty soul that stayed at the door and tried to shield that hapless woman from the clueless mob streaming past (and over) her.

Speaking of clueless, Jay Leno had as a Thanksgiving night guest, the infamous Lindsay Lohan. I’ll get to her in a moment.

The entire audience was comprised of members of our Armed Forces; all five branches were represented. Jay’s opening monologue reflected how ignorant the Hollywood and entertainment types truly are concerning our military. Poor Jay had a bevy of jokes, most of which were lame, ill-timed, and borderline insulting to his guests. How wise is it to denigrate the administration and war effort when your target audience is partial to (and subordinates of) that administration, and integral to that effort? Jay’s writers seem to have forgotten to incorporate that question as they concocted those sophomoric attempts at humor.

Then came Lindsay Lohan. Jay attempted to put her on the spot by asking her to name her favorite branch of the military. Her response was, "Air Force", to which Jay countered, "Why the Air Force?"

Lindsay’s reason for favoring the Air Force? "Y’know? Top Gun?", triggering an ugly roar from her former fans there in the studio. She attempted to quell the obvious anger by going on to say, "C’mon, I love all you guys!", but I think the damage had been done at that time.

(Note to Lindsay Lohan: What the Tonight Show attendees knew, and you missed, is that Top Gun was a movie about NAVY pilots!)

In Lohan’s defense, at least she had a favorite military movie that does not have (like most of Hollywood’s portrayals) a not-so-secret agenda to show the military in the least-favorable light possible while still remaining profitable. She is still young and ignorant of the sacrifices made daily on her behalf by America’s warriors worldwide.

I have no issues with ignorance. Ignorance is simply lack of facts, and can be easily addressed and corrected. Ignorance is temporary – stupidity is permanent. Stupidity is ignorance presented with facts, and then ignored. Stupidity and outright malfeasance are the maladies that are rampant in the entertainment industry in America. How strange that the industry is populated by those that think patriotism is defined by maligning American virtues, virtues held by the majority of our society, the very ones they accuse of being out of touch!

The entertainment industry and icons simply do not understand the defense industry, no matter how they may wish to appear as doing so. If anything, I suppose that should be a comfort. It means that our armed forces are still somewhat safe from the enemies within.

Moving along to the more immediate homefront, I had the privilege of a job interview this week. Wednesday, I interviewed for a retail store manager. The woman conducting the interview was a district manager overseeing three stores, none of which need a manager right now. As a result, she is contacting her supervisor, who should be calling me back soon. The interview went well, so I anticipate that call.

There’s still no word from Illinois, but we have no fears. If Daddy wants us there, we’re willing to go. For that matter, we have committed to go wherever He may lead us. As I may have mentioned before, the pressure is not on us beyond daily submission to Him. He is the one Who has promised to provide, and what a joy and relief that is!

I wish all of you a wonderful weekend. "The LORD bless you, and keep you. The LORD make his face to shine on you, and be gracious to you. The LORD lift up his face toward you, and give you shalom." (Num. 6:24-26)


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