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Saturday, December 10, 2005

I just left the U.S. House of Representatives website, and had an interesting education.

Not about the House. Not about the website.

About the Democratic party.

I was looking for information on H.R.4437, which is a bill I'm going to be closely monitoring, because it could potentially lead to the creation of a national I.D. card. If that seems harmless, let me tell you that my libertarian sensibilities scream at the further intrusion into our lives charmingly packaged in "safety" and "convenience".
At any rate, the bill is in both the Homeland Security and Judiciary Committees in the House, but Thursday, it was marked up in the Judiciary. I went to the Judiciary Committee to see who its members were, and discovered that the Democrats have their own, separate committee website. Somehow I've missed the fact that this is the case on every committee at which I looked.

Can you believe it? This is the party that accuses the Republicans of being partisan. It's no secret that the two parties can't work together on a national level, but they can't even play nicely in a small group! I left comments to that effect on the Judiciary "Minority website", and my computer locked up. I find that tragically ironic...

A few days ago, for no apparent reason, I remembered the time I dyed my hair. That last statement will shock any and all who know me, so I thought I'd share.

In my California school days, it was in vogue to be tan. Weekend activities invariably included dozens of us "laying out", slathered in tanning oil, proffering our bodies to the sun.
A couple of my buddies (who were probably from the West Coast) introduced me to the use of peroxide, with the temptation to lighten one's hair to complete the "beach bum" look. As a Marine, I didn't have much hair to begin with, but I've always been the sort to do nothing in moderation, so I profusely applied it to my head one fateful weekend.

The instant my scalp began to burn, I should have chosen to heed the omen. I mean, really, my hair color is dependent upon its length, anyway. The shorter it is, the lighter it is, so it was actually unnecessary. Eighteen-year olds don't fully think through things, though (or at least this one didn't).

The following Monday, I received a less-than-desirable reaction from my superiors to my now freakishly bleached stubby locks. In fact, I was summoned before the academic supervisor for questioning. As I recall, he was a Staff Sergeant, which at that stage in my career, was just a few steps short of demigod status.
He demanded of me my ID card. In retrospect, his strategy was to graphically demonstrate my "destruction of government property" (me) by pointing out that my appearance no longer matched my picture thereon.

To my defense, the (black and white) picture quality was of such low quality that it was of no assistance in such charge. To further confound his case, I was still in denial about the true red color of my hair, so my ID card indicated my hair was blonde.

He concluded his bluster by sternly warning me to "knock it off" and dismissed me. It would be quite some time before I would be "called on the carpet" again for any refraction whatsoever (several months, I think!).

How about it? Any hair adventures (or misadventures) out there? I'd love to hear about them, as I'm sure the two or three readers of this blog would!

Have a wonderful weekend, beloved!


Anonymous Stacey said...

I have never had a bad hair adventure unless you count the time I let my sister cut gum out of my hair; but that same sister did have a bad hair adventure when she tried to color her blonde hair i think brown, with a store bought kit; it ended up turning her hair green. She had to go to the beuty salon and have something called blazing done to it; after all of this trouble she ended up with strawberry blond hair wich was actully a very pretty color.
For those of you who know me, try to guess which of my blonde sisters did this!

8:05 AM  
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